5 reasons to rent out your residence on the Costa Brava this summer with Finques Cel Blau

5 motivos para alquilar tu residencia a la Costa Brava este verano con Finques Cel Blau

If you’re thinking of renting your house or apartment on the Costa Brava this summer and you’re not sure about how to get started, we want to give you 5 reasons to rent out your residence with the Finques Cel Blau team. Our philosophy is always to establish an excellent relationship with our home owners, so that you feel calm and secure when putting your residence in our hands, and above all, so that you can earn good returns.

Here we will explain to you the lines that we work with in Finques Cel Blau to make it easier for you to manage the holiday rental of your house or apartment with full surety and peace of mind:

1. Rent out your summer residence without giving up the days that you want to have it available

We know that your house is an intimate space, with important personal memories and experiences, but it’s also an asset that you want to make the best use of.

Before doing anything, choose the days that you want to be able to enjoy your property. Afterwards, we will advise you on the process of placing your second residence or house up for rent.

One of the first studies that we’ll do will be to evaluate the rent that you can obtain based on the market trends.

2. Get your residence ready for rental this summer


After the winter, second residences need to be prepared because they haven’t been inhabited during the colder months. Getting your house or apartment ready for rent during the summer season is a task that requires a list of issues to be checked.

Our experience with clients allows us to advise you about how your house must be prepared in order to welcome guests during the summer season.

Dampness, checking circuits, electrical devices, home appliances… everything has to be working properly. If you need it, we have a team of technicians available to help you get the appliances in your apartment or house ready so that you can get it ready to rent this summer.

3. An opportunity to renovate your holiday rental house or apartment

One of the reasons why home owners want to rent their residence is to get extra income and to reinvest it in the house itself. That is, home owners often want to restyle the decoration and interior design.

Whether you want to enjoy your residence yourself, or you want to be able to rent it more easily, home staging is a service in high demand and we here in Finques Cel Blau make it available to our home owners.

It is definitely an opportunity to show off a new house.

4. Don’t worry at all about the process of renting your house or apartment for the summer holiday

This is usually the main reason that our home owners contact us when renting our their house or apartment. What benefits can we here in Finques Cel Blau offer you?

The peace of mind of knowing that the management with tourists is in the hands of a professional team, 24 hours a day. From check in to check out, we’ll have direct contact with the guests renting your house: we’ll receive them, give them the instructions, provide them with technical service if necessary, and manage the check out. Apart from this, we’ll also take care of cleaning the apartment.


5. We’ll make your summer residence more visible on the international professional platforms

To achieve maximum visibility for your rental house, we rely on international professional platforms that allow us to reach a larger target audience seeking a house or apartment to rent in the summer on the Costa Brava.

For this reason, we need to have high-quality, unbeatable images of your residence. While preparing the property, we’ll organise a photo session for the platforms. We’ll also make it possible to create a book of professional photos and videos that allow us to attract even more high quality bookings.

In short, these are five reasons why we would like you to entrust the holiday rental of your residence in our hands this summer. We want you to relax and enjoy your well earned holidays, knowing that there is a professional team behind you, managing and caring for your property.

If you’re interested in receiving more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Make an appointment with us in our offices in Sant Feliu de Guíxols or S’Agaró.

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