Through our team of specialists, Finques Cel Blau offers its customers a specific counselling service to meet all their property needs. We provide top-quality service and personal attention, ensuring good value for money.


We offer a team of architects to assist in:

  • Drafting projects and/or 3D designs.
  • Building management and execution.
  • Drafting of plans.
  • Obtaining first occupancy certificates.
  • Changes in building use.
  • Developments and land subdivision projects.
  • Preparing geotechnical reports.
  • Topographic Reports


Our experts in real estate, urban planning and construction law will offer:

  • Legal advice on real estate transactions.
  • Property taxation studies.
  • Legal advice on urban development law.
  • Municipal and sectoral Licenses.
  • Defense on urban development disciplinary proceedings.


Our managers can handle:

  • Processing of NIE for non-residents.
  • Residence permits.
  • Tax returns for non-residents.
  • Assets management
  • Donations and inheritance.
  • Property registration.
  • Cadastral matters.
  • Processing purchase/sale tax.


We offer an appraisal services by a certified professional that will enable you to discover the value of your property (rustic and urban) and give you a well-argued report that includes information on the value of the property, its features, urban environment, registration information, photographs and plans.


We have qualified technicians to draw up the energy performance certificates required by contract when purchasing or leasing property, pursuant to Act 235/2013 5th april.


The certificate of occupancy is an administrative document certifying that a home is suitable as a residence for persons and meets the technical requirements specified in the regulations. This is necessary for selling or renting property.


If you do not have a mortgage suitable to your needs, we offer our expertise in the industry to help you throughout the process of obtaining funding. Our goal is to get you the best deal, negotiating with various leading organizations in the banking sector.


We take care of any need that arises in second homes, which are always difficult to resolve at a distance, and offer a fast response through a personalized service. We offer our maintenance service contract which includes custody of keys and a monthly visit to make arrangements for your interest, such as: monitoring of tracking energy companies inspections, mail collection, meter reading, overall condition of the property, etc.


We work with several insurance companies to get you different options on home, trade, unpaid rent insurance, life, civil liability or any other risk to ensure that your property has the best coverage for your security and peace of mind, adjusting the coverage to your needs at all times.


We offer a complete and personalized advice on design for renovating and laying out your property. Includes rendering service, plans and elevations and all that you require for your home interior design.


For those looking for a healthy, harmonious and well-integrated home we provide measurement services and analysis of the various risk factors, including the artificial and telluric radiation present on your property, contributing to its health and that of the environment


We have a wide range of qualified building professionals (electricians, bricklayers, carpenters, painters, plasterers, and the like) to help you make the necessary reforms on your property and make your ideas come true.


Our team of gardening and landscape experts will offer a service tailored to your needs in designing and maintaining gardens, pools and anything that requires a gardening service.


We manage the transfer and removal to a new residence, ensuring efficiency, comfort and punctuality. We can make national or international removals, assembly, packaging and house clearing. We also offer furniture storage service. All under budget and in the shortest time possible.


We offer the possibility of hiring home cleaning services, either regularly or occasionally, including the maintenance and upkeep of your home and key delivery services.


We have agreements with most car companies and place at your disposal a wide range, so you can choose the brand and model that best suits your needs.


We offer legal and economic translation of any document required for the purchase of your property. Interpretation services with guaranteed confidentiality and quotes without obligation.


As agents for of Securitas Direct, a leading security system and video surveillance company, we provide an alarm system to ensure your property's security.